BronzFx FAQ"s Q: Will a spray tan protect me from getting a sun burn? A: NO! Our solutions contain no sunscreen. You must still apply sunscreen with UV protection before prolonged exposure to sunlight. Q: Is the spray tanning solution safe? A: Yes, a custom airbrush tan is the safest & most effective way to achieve your ultimate beach bronze tan in minutes! Q: How much color will I get? A: Everybody’s skin reacts differently to the solutions. Some people turn very brown, while others get a more golden glow. Q: Can I spray tan multiple times to get even darker? ? A: We do not recommend this approach. Applying tanning solution over an existing tan can cause you to look splotchy. You should wait at least five days between tans. We also recommend exfoliating your old tan off before receiving a new tan. Q: How long will the tan last? A: Depending on how well you exfoliate before the tan, and take care of your skin afterwards, the average spray tan lasts 5-7 days. Dry skin will not hold the tan as long, and will fade “unevenly.” For regular color, we recommend tanning once a week and exfoliating your old tan off the night before you come in. Q: How soon after the spray tan can I shower? A: We recommend waiting a full 10-12 hours before showering. If you need to shower sooner, you may upgrade to our Express Solution for $10 and shower in as little as 3 hours. Q: My spray tan is not fading evenly. What is wrong? A: There are a number of reasons that can affect the way your tan fades. The dry air here in AZ! Other factors can be stress and medications, the oil on your skin produced by foods you eat, and how well you exfoliated before the tan, the quality of the moisturizer you used after your tan ( we recommend a paraben free lotion or coconut oil). If your tan starts to fade in some areas but not others, we recommend exfoliating the tan off of those areas so your skin looks smooth and not “patchy.” Remember going TOO dark for your natural skin tone will always look more obvious when fading. Q: Our there products that can cause my tan to not take or look spotty? A:Dove soap & Dove products, Hair thinning lotion or removing lotion, Anti-aging products or AHA"s, Beta Hydroxy Acids-Salicylic Acid, Retin-A type products (Retin-A, Renova, Tazorac, Tretinoin), Toners containing alcohols or witch hazel, Anti-Acne products (Accutane, Salicylic Acid), Facial masks & scrubs, Pore cleansing facial strips, Wax depilatories, Depilatory products, Bleach products for body hair, Hot tubs, chlorine and salt water, Bug sprays - try to spray your clothes instead of you(If you must have bug spray on you, spray a "cloud" to go through) Q: What if I have a very fair skin that has never been able to tan? A:You are never to fair to get a spray tan! Q: Does the solution smell bad? A. No. Q: Can I spray tan if I am pregnant? A: We recommend consulting your physician before tanning during pregnancy or while nursing. Q: Can I go swimming after spray tanning? A: Yes, but we do recommend waiting at least 10-12 hours for the tan to develop before getting wet. Chlorine is harsh on your skin, and will make the tan fade faster and typically uneven. Please remember to shower before swimming so the bronzer does not come off in the pool. **Remember** When you take a shower you will see some color come off. Don"t worry! It is just that cosmetic bronzer that the technician uses as a color guide. You will be left with a nice bronze tan.



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